Getting Health & Safety Across Europe

For both economic and human reasons Health and Safety at work deserve to be given a prominent place on the EU policies agenda. Safety at work is one of the most urgent topic for the protection of workers, functional to increase the quality and the welfare of the SMEs and their competitiveness but also the smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Accidents at work that continue to occur show that is not enough comply with rules, the supervision and control,to improve the working environment,but there is a need to enhance the safety culture in people like longterm outcome.This is why since 2003 on the territory of Livorno (IT),the Province of Livorno (P1) and Provincia di Livorno Sviluppo (P2) work together to promote training/information/awareness and dissemination of good practices including the "Local Day for H&S at the Workplace" which takes place every October on the theme yearly launched by EU Agency, that makes territory participant to the EU dimension. Since 2005 actions brought on the territory of Livorno have become a yearly program designed by the local bodies responsible for overseeing the protection and safety at work,complemented by social partners,Health Care local agency,equality bodies and structures of VET together in the "Permanent consultation Table".

helmet1sThe actions carried out: training/information activities/awareness and dissemination targeted to workers/employers/students and teachers/civil society.  All those activities and all the products realized by P1 and P2 are very precious for other organizations and Agenzia Liguria Lavoro (P0) that’s in partnerships with P1 and P2 for other EU Programmes has decided to transfer this important results: “H&S@Work” transfers the system created by P1 and P2 in other EU Countries,updating and enriching by innovative contents from the other countries. In particular,the provincial program will be analyzed and implemented thanks to UK/IT/DK and transferred to another  2 IT partner,PL and FR: P1 and P2 will bring experience and capacity to ensure the holding of shares; UK/ DK will offer their expertise in security and the ability to dialogue with SMEs  and associations, dissemination capability in networks; PL/FR/2 IT will offer the guarantees of the piloting with their experience in training and development system with the acquired practices.

The results/products:Committee of parties involved in local security; social networks for peer learning; protocol between local actors;training courses; multilingual information/promotional products, one “H&S@Work project Day”. The target is on which will be given more  attention as most at risk: young people entering in the labor market/women/immigrants. The impact will be in terms of planning of actions for prevention and security in the areas through partner networks and the tools tested with the project. At the end 500 public/private companies and 3000 workers will be made aware, 300 people involved in guidance activity, 120 workers trained.

Partners in Project

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